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Plastic Surgeon Malpractice Insurance

Plastic surgeon malpractice insurance

Our society has become very focused on physical aesthetics, which has led to an increase in plastic surgery procedures being performed. Along with this increase in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures has come a rising number of malpractice lawsuits against plastic surgeons.

Because plastic surgeons are trying to keep up with demand, they’re taking shortcuts in their work that expose them to errors and compromise the quality of care provided to patients. Therefore, it’s vital that plastic surgeons protect themselves with medical malpractice insurance in case of a lawsuit.

One of the main reasons people sue for malpractice is lack of communication. Communication is especially important when performing plastic surgery as many patients have high expectations of aesthetic procedures. They want to look a certain way, so surgeons should be able to communicate whether or not those expectations can actually be met.

Malpractice Insurance Rates for Plastic Surgeons

Many people want to know the average cost of malpractice insurance for plastic surgeons, however, it’s difficult to provide an “average” number because premiums vary so much from person to person.

There are so many variables involved when insurance carriers determine eligibility and cost of insurance such as experience, types of procedures performed, previous claims, geographic location, and more.

Cost should not be the only factor you consider when choosing a malpractice insurance policy. It’s more important to look for value and having the right type and amount of coverage.

Quality Coverage Plus Superior Service

At Nexus Insurance Services our mission is to offer excellent client service by getting you quality plastic surgeons malpractice insurance at rates within your budget. Our knowledge and experience allows us to gain access to a variety of carriers who will meet your specific needs.

We understand the unique challenges you face as a medical professional. You can consider us your partner in business who is dedicated to saving you time and money. You’ll have peace of mind as you focus on taking care of your patients.

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