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Malpractice Insurance Rates For Anesthesiologists

There are a number of factors that determine malpractice insurance rates for anesthesiologists.

Many people ask what the average cost of anesthesiologist malpractice insurance is. The rates vary greatly, so coming up with an “average” cost can be misleading. Some anesthesiologists may pay only few thousands a year while others can pay well over six figures a year.


Malpractice insurance rates are generally established and approved by the insurance commissioner in each state. Most insurance carriers will review the set insurance rates as well as the potential for malpractice lawsuits. Each insurance company, however, has their own set of criteria that go into deciding a rate for you:

  1. Geographical Location – One factor that goes into determining malpractice insurance for anesthesiologists is the state or area where they work. An individual who works in a large metropolitan area may pay more for insurance than an anesthesiologist who practices in a rural area.
  2. The period of practice – If you are well-established and experienced with no prior claims, you may be able to pay less than an anesthesiologist who is just starting out
  3. Specialty – If you specialize in chronic or acute pain management, your premium may be slightly higher than other anesthesiologists. If your potential for malpractice is less risky than other specialties, your premium could be lower.
  4. Type of policy and amount of coverage – There are two main types of policies: claims-made policy and an occurrence policy. The former typically costs less than an occurrence policy because it does not include the price of tail coverage. Also, if your limit of liability is higher, you will pay more for insurance.

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