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Physician Malpractice Insurance

It is estimated that approximately 40 percent of all physicians experience one malpractice claim in their career.

In the majority of states,physician malpractice insurance must be purchased. Regardless of whether or not a state requires insurance, it should still be an important consideration for any physician.

With this coverage, the insurance provider takes responsibility for any legal issues that may arise in the course of work. Even if you’ve been in the medical field for 20 years and never had to face a medical malpractice lawsuit, that’s not to say that it will never happen. This is why insurance for doctors is so important to have.

What Type of Policy is Best For Me?

Generally, there are four types of physician malpractice insurance:
1) Basic coverage;
2) Occurrence policies;
3) Claims Made Policies;
4) Tail Coverage.

The coverage you will need will depend upon few things including your specific specialty and how long you plan to stay in your current position. That’s why it’s important to consult with a broker  in order to have the right policy with the right amount of coverage.

Let us help you save time and money

We understand that you have faced many challenges and have worked as hard you can to offer the best health care to your patients. We want you to be able to focus on helping your patients without all the hassle of shopping for insurance. That’s where we come in. We take your application and work hard to find the right policy at low rates.

Don’t put your career or financial stability at risk because you don’t think insurance is necessary.

At Nexus Insurance Services, we’ve helped many people like you save thousands of dollars on malpractice insurance for physician. We also take great pride in our service, providing you with resources to help you ensure that your medical career is a success.

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