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Physician Malpractice Insurance Is a Requirement!

Health professionals, who are dealing with people lives, are exposed to special risks and lawsuits more frequently. If a physician deviates from the standard scenario of treatment, a malpractice claim can arise. Malpractice insurance is invented to protect medical professionals in the event of such a claim.
You might have known already that vast majority of US states have adopted requirements towards physician malpractice insurance; still some states don’t have regulations in the medical sphere. For example, in Florida doctors aren’t obliged to carry liability coverage and according to the latest statistics 5% of health professionals in that state “go bare”, i.e. treat patients without insurance policy. However, it has been said that in Florida and some other states where malpractice insurance is not stated as a requirement, some health organizations oblige doctors to have insurance in order to see patients.

Malpractice Insurance Rates Differ in States

It goes as no surprise that medical malpractice insurance varies from state to state. However, unlike car insurance that is calculated in accordance with the risks presented by the particular driver, premiums for physician malpractice insurance are based on the location of the doctor and the degree of risk presented in his/her everyday practice. If we are taking about malpractice insurance for medical facilities, it’s the only setting where an experience factor is included.

Just for you to know, average medical malpractice claim usually lasts 4-5 years to resolve. It usually takes several years for an injury to be convened, and some states have a very detailed discovery process for medical malpractice claims.

Therefore, be sure to have reliable malpractice insurance for doctors. Contact to get a free no obligation quote right now!

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